The Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History - Aesop Rock

Letra The Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History - Aesop Rock

Get up to get down now
Get up to get down now (like this)
Get up to get down now (like this)
Get up to get down now (alright)
I don't wanna do it anymore
Couldn't do it if I tried, wouldn't do it if I wanted it

I don't wanna do it anymore
Couldn't do it if I tried...

Okay, the moments were subtle, but unstolen, and guess who owns them?
No friendly, non-threatening corporate, lacky-mucks, in the totem
Lucy was In the Sky with Diamonds,five dollars to hold 'em
The summer, Van Eek beat Pac-Man, with acid behind his molars
Little white tab tolerant, little white flag, waggling
Inorganic, pat on back, trim the panic, flat on backer
Back to back like Mad Hatter magic, rabid mastiff collaborative - Splatter,bachelor fabric fatter, with cabbage patch lit
Dark days, Ben and Louie-Louie, park blazed, chemically -
Bent-up but eager to crash for that one, two, three repeater
Good Morning Vietnam!Whose couch is this? Whose house is this?
Who are you down with bitch?I'm sorry, dog, I dreamt the foulest shit
There was this rabid foot talisman, drowning out of my armspan
What's fouler, was the other farmhand's growing gills, and shark fangs
What's fouler, was my torso stripped to ribbons, in the marshlands
But I'm up now
Let's get this window pane, and shut the f*** down
Down by the river, where the litter sits -
And lion-heart critters, smoke dope, and act like illiterates
I ran with a brat pack of loose bolts, and high social maladjust-ees
Sacred, numb and boundless went to St. Protocol, cut me, well -
I was dummy to some, when the tongue was cradled, and my skin looks crazy
Pocketbook mirror courtesy Amy,spiders in the -Mattress,paisley sunglasses, dilated eyes green
Ice grill that could burn through, your picture-in-picture widescreen
Poison late late show, starring Aes' and in a jigsaw face of -
Twelve hour, solid gold entertainment, utter shit to self -
From mothership to stealth,they DD pace be, Space Invader
This one's for the Labor Days, work for rent and rolling papers
Only the illest beats leak absurdly out the boombox
The Daytripper anthem goes: wake, drop, walk to aquarium
Whistle while you work, like a canary lung,"All work -And no play makes Jack a dull boy", to carry drugs
I sorta see it, as my last blast in summer (Uhn!)
Skateboards and sloppy psychedelics and big numbers
Good times, good people,all airbrushed -
On a collapsible easel, peace man, easy

And I knew the permanancy would drift
And I knew the pH balance wasn't right
And I knew the crash and burn, how to caress it
L.S.D. flashed the message
And I knew the gash wasn't gonna stop bleeding
And I knew the ph balance wasn't right
And I knew how September would then affect it

[Verse 2]
Lazy summer days
Like some decrepit landshark dumb luck squad dog lurks sicker deluded
Last sturdy domino lean's secluded
Don't let stupid delusions lesson super-duty labor students
Dragnet lifer solutions
Daddy loved sloppy dimensions like son-daughter links
Such determinated lepers, successfully disheveled
Little soliders developed like serpents despite life sentence ducking
Some don't like sobriety's dirty lenses
Some do
Let sleeping dogs lie still
Don't look so damn lackluster
Suck defeat
Lump summed damage
Load sample, delete
Late Show Dave Letterman, shitty diner lip-slide dutch
Low self-discipline leaders see dead lung self-destruct
Life sucks dickhead
Lost summers display laminate showcasing divinity live
System definitive
Liturgy soaked, depict lowly spectactular delight
Why, what kind of L.S.D. you like?
Your lizard king has spoken (all hail)
You in the back of the muck, those trails aren't necessarily bunk
Some'll try and recapture the same flag
But I played it smart and recognized the summertime passed


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The Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History

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